Red de bombeo

Configuración de aerogenerador Roble para bombeo de agua

Ideal for pumping water; from a drilling or pit, or from one deposit to another one.

  • Without need of another source of energy.
  • Depending of the wind and the power that we need , we will install the suitable windmill ROBLE, that can makes the pumps to work , pumps from 0.5 to 7.5 hp..
  • It’s connected directly to the pump.
  • Low maintenance, silently and friendly with the birds, that’s for its low velocity of blade.
The wind

 The wind is free, abundant and for free.

The wind is an energy source , abundant and ``endless´´, it’s distributed around the world and this makes that the wind is a safe source of energy, a cleaning source of energy because it doesn’t emit any kind of polluted gases to the atmosphere and is compatible with other uses of the ground. .

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